Offer for clients

The wide range of consultancy services we offer reflects the requirements of a complex and diverse tax legislation.

We follow closely the continuous changes in tax laws and know how to apply them in the interests of our clients. Below you will find an overview of our services. Our clientele includes individuals, partnerships and corporations, business groups and associations, as well as GmbHs and foundations.

Ongoing tax advice

  • Ongoing financial accounting and payroll accounting
  • Support for the development of internal company accounting systems
  • Preparation of financial statements under commercial and tax law
  • Preparation of tax declarations of any kind
  • Conducting appeal proceedings (objections, oppositions)
  • Conducting appeal proceedings (complaints to the financial courts German Federal Fiscal Court)
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Creating binding information according to § 89 AO (German Tax Code)

Structuring advice

  • Comprehensive advice in Merger & Acquisitions aspects, e.g. regarding corporate acquisition or company sales containing economic and tax aspects including all follow-on work
  • Tax Due Diligence with reports in German and English language
  • Checking of and assistance in developing acquisition contracts especially under tax aspects (issues of Real Estate Transfer Tax, VAT, purchase price allocation and tax clauses)
  • Optimisation of Joint Venture investments
  • Advice on restructuring and changes in legal forms according to Conversation Law (Umwandlungsgesetz) / Transformation tax act (Umwandlungssteuergesetz) or other restructuring measures
  • Tax strategies to minimize or even avoid Real Estate Transfer Tax
  • Advisory services in creating or avoiding of tax groups/tax shelters
  • Advice regarding employee participation programs

International tax law

  • Consultancy services for international issues
  • Fulfilment of domestic tax liability for non-residents (e.g. for Germany-based subsidiaries, real estate, investments, etc.)
  • Advice for other foreign/cross-border issues including cooperation with consultants based abroad
  • Consultation in cases of employee deployment abroad

Business succession and inheritance–tax structuring

  • Inheritance- and gift tax consultancy
  • Advice and consultancy regarding last wills esp. from a tax perspective of family-owned business, entrepreneurs and other Individuals
  • Execution of a will
  • Business valuation

Tax law for reorganization / insolvency

  • Advising companies in crisis
  • Consultancy in reorganization and liquidation cases
  • Advice on matters of insolvency tax law

Tax law and non-profit status

  • We provide support to associations, foundations and non-profit corporations to maintain and preserve their fiscal recognition as non-profit or charitable institutions.

Penal tax law

  • Legal advice and representation for voluntary tax disclosure
  • Determination of tax bases relevant to the process
  • Individual defence (vis-à-vis tax investigation offices, criminal and administrative fine offices, prosecutors and the criminal courts)