Our offer for clients

As diverse and comprehensive as the tax legislation is, as diverse is our range of services within the scope of tax consultancy.

We keep an eye on the constant changes in tax legislation and know how to apply them in your interest. Below you will find an overview of the services we offer. Our clientele includes natural persons, partnerships and corporations, groups of companies as well as associations, gGmbHs and foundations.

Ongoing tax consulting

  • Ongoing financial accounting as well as payroll accounting
  • Digital accounting by means of Unternehmen Online (Datev)
  • Support in setting up in-house accounting systems
  • Preparation of annual financial statements according to commercial and tax
  • Preparation of all types of tax returns
  • Conducting appeal proceedings (appeals, objections)
  • Conducting appeal proceedings (actions before the fiscal courts and BFH)
  • Support during tax audits
  • Preparation of binding information according to § 89 AO (German tax code)

Advice on tax structuring

  • Comprehensive advice on M&A projects, in particular company acquisitions or sales, from an economic, especially tax, point of view, including all follow-up work
  • Tax due diligence investigations including reports in German or English language
  • Review of and assistance with company purchase agreements, in particular with regard to tax aspects (tax clauses/tax guarantees, VAT options, GrESt issues, purchase price allocations, etc.)
  • Advice in connection with joint venture models
  • Advice on and implementation of restructurings in connection with changes of legal form, whether under the UmwG/UmwStG or due to other restructuring measures
  • Advice on real estate transfer tax to minimize or, if necessary, avoid real estate transfer tax
  • Advice and establishment or avoidance of fiscal unities
  • Consulting in connection with employee participation models

International tax law

  • Advice on international issues
  • Fulfillment of domestic tax obligations of non-residents (e.g. due to domestic permanent establishments, real estate, participations, etc.)
  • Advice on other foreign matters / cross-border issues including cooperation with foreign advisors
  • Advice in employee assignment cases

Company succession and inheritance planning

  • Inheritance and gift tax consulting
  • Tax advice and structuring of business wills
  • Execution of wills
  • Company valuations

Tax law for reorganization / insolvency

  • Advice to companies in crisis
  • Advice in reorganization and liquidation cases

Tax law and non-profit status

  • Support for associations, foundations and non-profit corporations to obtain and maintain tax recognition as non-profit or charitable organizations.

Criminal tax law

  • Self-disclosure advice and representation
  • Determination of the bases of taxation relevant to the proceedings


  • We undertake statutory and voluntary audits of financial statements, including audits of consolidated financial statements in accordance with the provisions of the German Commercial Code (HGB) and international accounting standards, as well as special audits and compliance audits.
  • Within the scope of audit-related management consulting, our range of tasks includes company valuation, including the preparation of valuation reports in accordance with IDW S1, the preparation of integrated corporate plans.

Company valuation

  • Our valuation specialists are needed in a wide range of cases, for example in corporate transactions, in the context of succession or in the context of a legal dispute.

Special audits | Auditing services by certified public accountants

  • In addition to the audits required by law to be carried out by auditors, we also offer a wide range of confirmation services, in some cases on the basis of individual assignments and agreements.